The mysteries of the world, or at least my life.

Sorry I can’t make it – I have plans with anxiety.

‘Sorry, I can’t meet up then, I’m busy’, I reply as I delve deeper into the depths of the internet to find a cure.

I’m the type of person who regards friends as family – so why am I afraid of them?

Don’t expect to learn the cure to anxiety within this post, but hopefully if you are someone who experiences this, you will feel less alone, and if you are someone who just wants to understand the epidemic that seemingly ‘everyone has nowadays’ and has not experienced it yourself, congratulations – I really am happy for you, that you got to live to this point in your life and not just have to survive, to not have to try and make it one more day without feeling like your going to breakdown and for whats left of you to fall apart.

Almost every human on the planet has experienced being nervous at some stage, you might fancy someone that makes you get that ‘butterfly feeling’ in the pit of your stomach, or you might be getting your first tattoo – your excited of course but also nervous. Or you might have a presentation in college that your a little nervous about.This is normal. This is not anxiety.

Now I’m not saying your average person never experiences some form of anxiety, however what I’m talking about is the kind that debilitates you. That leaves you irritated, useless, hopeless, unable to perform tasks that should be easy to you.

To be honest I’m actually finding it kind of hard to even explain.

It just feels like your being consumed with this big dark buzzing fog that makes you feel constantly on edge, like your mind has a million thoughts running at once, like your heart is literally ready to jump out of your chest, like your legs are just about to go from under you,at least for me its like this.

I get dizzy and clammy and my face tightens up which is one of the worst symptoms for me. It literally stops me from being able to control my own face.

I know this all sounds very dramatic and over done but I promise you, the way I’m depicting this is only a small percentage of the tip of the ice berg when it comes to anxiety.

For me,  secondary school was the worst years of life when it came to what was going on in my head. I missed countless days of school, being kept awake until all hours by the thoughts that I would have to face people the following day, that I would have to talk to them. And god forbid I was asked to read aloud in class or walk in to class late ( even though this was an often enough occurrence).

The thing is I didn’t even know what this was called, I just thought I was some sort of freak and I couldn’t tell anyone about it because if I did I would most definitely be put in a straight jacket for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until I was in maybe 3rd year that I found out about a thing called SAD or Social Anxiety Disorder, and I almost fell off my chair with how well it described how I was feeling. Now of course I know its not always a good thing to google symptoms or self-diagnose, but I just knew immediately that’s exactly what was happening to me. And to be honest it was one of the best things I did, it meant that other people had gone through this too – way more people than I could even imagine, and there were things I could do to help it. And there began my journey of learning how to deal with anxiety.

Now were around 6 years later from when I first discovered what anxiety was, and I still deal with it on a daily basis – but I can manage it. I do what I can to be able to function like a normal human being but sometimes it still overcomes me.

Some of you who read this might be wondering why I mentioned above that I’m ‘afraid’ of my friends, well I’m not – Áine is not, I love all of my friends, I love when we get to go out and get into random conversations that keep us up chatting until all hours, but a hell of a lot of the time, the actual me, who loves meeting new people and could talk to the wall, is trying to fight this other part of me, that is riddled with fear and anxiety, that makes me say no to new experiences. It makes me come up with excuses not to meet people, especially if its one to one. And I fucking despise it.

Which brings me to my next point, how do I deal with it?

There are so many things you can do to help with anxiety, but to be honest the most helpful thing I do, to put it bluntly – is do things that scare the absolute shit out of me. To put myself in a position where I feel extremely anxious and to force myself to function. Sometimes this method does fail me, but a vast majority of the time, I’m leaving that situation thinking ‘fuck yeah I did that! I survived!’, as silly as that sounds.

Along with doing that I do take medication to help with my anxiety. This isn’t for everyone,however if you feel like your in a place where you or your doctor thinks that it would benefit you to try medication for a while then its nothing to be ashamed about. If someone has a physical illness they would have no problem taking a pill prescribed by the doctor nor would society shun it, so why should someone with mental health issues not take medication to help them.

I would also recommend researching cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and how food and exercise can affect your mood & behavior. Something I am a huge believer in is how important it is to surround yourself with positive people and things in your life. If your constantly feeling down after you meet up with a specific person then maybe it would be better to lessen your contact with them. You would be surprised at how much someone else can affect you.

I am one of the lucky ones that doesn’t get anxiety attacks a whole lot nowadays, and for every person who does experience them on a regular basis I just want to say that you are fucking amazing – you are still here, living and fighting to overcome one of the worst feelings imaginable. And if you can do that – I honestly believe that you can do anything.

And for those who still don’t quite get it, I want you to imagine you worst fear, whether it be spiders, clowns, being in a haunted house in the middle of no where waiting for something to appear – well multiply that fear, and imagine feeling like that 24/7. Welcome to anxiety. Its shit.

The most ironic thing for me is that anxiety riddles me with overthinking and over analyzing everything but then depression comes along and I couldn’t give a flying fuck about anything, being totally honest. Its most certainly not the most favorable mix.

I know that this a very random post for me to write, its weird for me to even share this much of me with everyone and anyone because for so many years it was like my dirty little secret. But now, I don’t care what anyone has to say about it – this is my experience, I lived it and I’m surviving. No one is in the position to judge anyone else or dismiss their experience because they did not live it.

Anyway, thank you to the small few who actually read my blog haha, Also, I know its a long shot but if anyone has any topics they find interesting to read about then do let me know, I’m definitely up for writing about all sorts so fire away!

I also just want to throw it out there that if your feeling like you need help immediately I have some helplines linked below and please don’t hesitate to contact a professional or a friend etc.


Here is a link to another article on how to describe anxiety to a person who does not experience it.

Pieta Helpline

1800 247 247



SMS: 087 260 9090
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English


I’m alive!

Bonjour mo chairde!

Áine has finished college for the year and now can actually write for fun again, woohoo!!

First off, if your new welcome, if your a returning guest, welcome back my friend, apologies for the non intentional break!

So anyone who actually reads this blog will know I have been in college in the great ol’ Gtown for the year, Galway that is. I was studying Journalism and Sound and had the privilege of living in the absolutely stunning Salthill, with a view of the prom from my bedroom window. The year was interesting to say the least, I made friends, memories and now have a vast collection of pictures of the sea and birds – randomly enough.

Salthill Prom

I had always wanted to go to college or at least live in Galway for a period of time, everyone and anyone who visits Galway or lives there boasts about how amazing the city is, the lavish and extravagant nightlife and yeah I did get to experience this in Galway, however I didn’t fall in love with the place like everyone had predicted I would. The college year itself contained a variety of mixed emotions, there were some highs, but I’m not going to lie, an awful lot of lows in regards to my time at college in Galway.

That being said, I’m not going to delve into the deep and dark on my first post back in a long time, I did also get to experience some amazing moments in Galway, ones, that I for one was not expecting. I got to experience to some extent what its like to have your shit together, by no means did I actually have it together but I was relatively stable which is good enough for me! In comparison to 17 year old me in Tralee, and being an absolute disaster. I got to learn the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to friendships, in the whole year, yes I made loads of acquaintances but only made one true friendship, that I hope will last longer than the year just gone! I found out that one of my favorite things to do in the entire world is being near the sea. There have been so many times where I’ve walked the prom with a huge smile on my face just because I’m so happy to be next to the sea, and there are people walking towards me like what the hell is this crazy bitch grinning at?!

So yeah, overall the year was a great experience, adventure and taught me a lot. Oh and did I mention that I got to witness two rescue seals be released back into the water?? Because I did, and it was fucking awesome!! And for the most part Galway itself was fabulous, it is a really lovely city and by the end of the year when the weather got nice it was just so nice to chill out at the Spanish Arch with friends,  it was more so the college aspect of the year that eh, was shite, in a nutshell.

I know this was a bit of a rambley kind of post but I promise there will be more quality content in the next few weeks, I got to get that creativity flowing and all that!



Ah, the dreaded topic has finally arose its man hating, lesbian face. To discriminate against the severely oppressed  straight white cis men in suits, the poor fella’s have it tough these days don’t they! :p *I joke, I joke*

Alas I have finally decided to write a post about feminism. All along I was steering well away from writing about it and putting the content out online as its not exactly a topic neither men nor women take lightly nowadays. So, after much deliberation on how to approach and generate a respectful discussion I have decided to do installments on the topic, explaining why one would follow the movement, what it means, how it has changed over the years etc etc.

In this first little installment I just want to talk about what feminism means to me, and what will be coming up in the weeks to follow this post.

So first of all I want to state that I do not think that it is a necessity to label oneself in any way shape or form, and that opinions can change over time. As much as we all like to think our opinions are right and that is going to be our opinion forevermore, I personally don’t think that’s the case, I believe that of course we could very well hold the same opinions in 100 years time but I also don’t think that it’s a bad thing if in x amount of years time, if we have different views on subjects,that’s just evolution!. However at this present moment I identify as a feminist. Since I have ever started to observe how people in the world around me were treated and since I ever learned about what feminism is, I have identified as one.

No this does not mean I fit into any stereotype, I don’t hate men, I try not to pay as much heat to more trivial matters.

For me, feminism means standing up for any living being who is being mistreated or discriminated against for any reason. Then one might ask, well why don’t you just identify as an egalitarian then? I do! And for me this and feminism go hand in hand. I have had many people, men in particular, question me as to ‘well if feminism is for equality of all genders then why is it called feminism?’, referring to the ‘fem’ in the word. To that I say count your blessings that you have the privilege of growing up not needing an evolutionary movement just to be entitled to your basic rights or treated equally to others. When I say this I am not stating in any way shape or form that I have had such a reality, I understand that I am extremely privileged, however this movement originally begun so that women could be entitled to the same rights and treatments of men, so it is only common sense that there is ‘fem’ in the word, because originally women were being mistreated, sometimes horrifically so. Now the movement has just evolved so much that feminist pride themselves in fighting for women’s rights, men’s rights and all of the other rights!

The reason that I’ve decided to do singular post on the topic, is because it is an absolutely massive area to cover in one blog posts. I will be choosing which topics I want to discuss in relation to feminism and research and study said topic so that I can write a cohesive and accurate piece about the subject.

I also want to add that there is no definition of feminism. It is a completely subjective topic and what opinions I hold may not be the opinions others hold and vise versa.

I feel like this post isn’t even touching the surface haha Its basically just a little introduction to the series. And a disclaimer that I am a feminist and will of course try and be as factual and logical as I can when writing the series.

Thanks for reading dudes and dudettes! In the next post I will be taking about the different types of feminism and what not!

Till Next time!



Hello lovies! I have arisen from the dead to finally write a new blog post after an accidental few months of a break 😮 No, in all seriousness, my deepest apologies to anyone who actually reads anything I write haha. Basically, I have been super busy with college for the last few months, which of course is no excuse, however given my track record with my academic career, for once education had to come first, which meant everything else took a back seat, including writing. And its not that I haven’t written anything, its just everything that I did was for college assignments/ projects, which anyone who looks down on PLC Courses, take a brief moment to re-assess your opinion because my god, they involve just as much work as the first year of a degree course! Plus, with a pass being 50%, its a little more pressure to do well. HOWEVER, I have done it, passed with flying colours for once in my life, and surprisingly, really hopeful that I get to go back to college, who knew I would end up enjoying study and striving for all A’s?!

Anyhow, apologies if you are just someone in dire straits, searching the internet in the hopes of finding someway to save your hair from bleaching, colouring, teasing or just someone who wants to treat their hair, you my friend have come to the right place! 😀

I firstly want to point out that the only products I will EVER promote will be cruelty free and when I know of a great vegan alternative, I will of course share that with you!

Also a little *DISCLAIMER* I am by no means a professional, this is just what I do at home, what I find is safe and works best! Now, on to the fun part!

RIGHTEO! So, brief history of my hair. I have had it red, orange, plum, blue, green and most recently silver, well give or take a few brassy strands, oh and naturally I have pretty much black hair. So as you can imagine to get my hair to all those colours, it required being bleached and dyed, A LOT. Especially over the last few weeks I have been trying to get the green out of my hair, which by the way was supposed to wash out within about 10 washes, oh no, my hair sucked in as much green dye as it could and was up until the fourth or fifth bleaching session, refusing to let go. So it got a fair bit fuckered to say the least, and its by no means in the best condition it could be, however, the following mask, which I have been using well over a year now, I reckon, has saved my hair.


Again, these are just the products I find work best, but if you want to use an alternative, by all means go ahead!

Osmo deep intensive conditioner.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Eggs, if you wish. (For Protein)

Olive Oil

And of course, the one and only Coconut Oil!

There are many more Oils and great conditioners to add to the mask to put on your hair, such as Argan Oil etc etc.

SO! What I do, is simply take a scoop or two of the Osmo conditioner, throw in an egg or two, add a tablespoon or two of Oilve Oil, and lots and lots of coconut oil into a bowl, if you have nothing to melt the coconut oil with, I recommend heating scoops of the oil at a time between your hands and apply it directly on to the hair, and then apply the rest of the mask. The measurements of what you need vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Basically, mix all of the contents of the bowl until the mixture is even and apply it to your hair, I just scoop it on to the top of my head and massage it in, massaging your scalp promotes hair growth, so while you treat your hair you also get to give your self a little massage, yay!

I would also recommend brushing your hair before you put on the mask, once it is saturating the hair, leave it on for as long as possible, if you are putting in the eggs I wouldn’t leave it in overnight, just because too much protein is bad for your hair, however if you make the mask without the eggs for overnight, by all means leave it on as long as possible!

Time to wash it off!

Start rinsing your hair with warm water, you should never wash your hair with super hot water as it can cause more damage!

Then wash it once with shampoo, if you feel necessary wash it twice as it might feel greasy because of all the oils.

Once the hair is shampooed, I would then lather my hair in the Lee Stafford Conditioner, from root to tip, again conditioning the roots might not be appealing to some however this conditioner promotes hair growth so it would need to be applied to the roots. If your hair is bleached all over the roots more than likely need as much care as the lengths of your hair.

Leave the Lee Stafford conditioner on for as long as possible, even if for only 5 minutes in the shower and then rinse off!

Afterwards try to let your hair dry before brushing through, apply a serum or oil to the ends of your hair afterwards if you have one! I have yet to find one that I am in love with so I’m not going to recommend any. #sadface

And voila! Your hair should feel as soft as a puppy’s belly!

I do this every time I wash my hair just because it does need it, however once a week is more than enough if your hair isn’t that damaged. I find trimming the dead ends also makes such a difference to the health and overall appearance of the hair!

I hope this made sense or at least helped someone in the slightest! If there’s anything else you would recommend adding to the mask then please do leave a comment below!

As for blog posts from now on, there will be one weekly if anyone is interested!

Till the next post, tabhair aire mo chairde! ( I don’t even know if that makes sense but yolo as the kids say! 😛 )




Things people say when you have un-natural hair colour!

Aloha amigos! On this fine evening I would like to present to you ‘Things people say to you when you have un-natural/ brightly coloured hair’. Its no surprise to anyone who has seen me in the last 5 years is aware  that I am quite the fan of dying my hair. Just like make up and clothes, I love experimenting and trying out different looks. Currently my hair is blue – well actually its supposed to be all blue but of course I did it myself at home and have done ever since I started dying my hair, so its kind of a mix-match of colours, mostly blue, bit of purple here and there, bit of green sprouting up where it feels like it, and for some reason the fringe is starting to go a kind of silver colour, which I presume is going that colour because its probably the part of my hair I play with the most.

So anyway’s, before I dye my hair back to black (omg say whuuuuut?!) I am going to write this post, As I have many a year of listening to peoples comments about my hair, I feel expert enough to touch on the subject! 😛

  1. People will stare. Literally as if you have unicorns growing out of your ears. I don’t take much notice of people having a look, its only natural to glance at something you don’t see on a day to day basis but fucking hell some people really go for it, the points, the turning to the partners so they can also have the privilege of viewing such a monstrosity and some people like to be old fashioned and go for a plain and simple gawk. Surprisingly I get the best reactions from kids and older people, par example, an elderly woman at the bus stop told me that my hair was ‘beautiful’ and proceeded to tell me to always try and achieve my dreams in life, which was super cute, bless her cotton socks. ❤
  2. PEOPLE WILL TOUCH YOU, Thankfully I’m not one of those people who despises people touching their hair because if you do, your in for a treat. So many strangers, no exaggeration, have come up to me and just start touching my hair. I usually don’t mind but sometimes it can be a bit weird.
  3.   Okay this one is annoying as well as rude,the ‘oh you should dye it back to your natural colour, I preferred it like that’, This one really pisses me off, First of all, I don’t give a shit what you preferred, if you don’t like it then close your fucking eyes!
  4. The ‘did you mean for it to come out that colour’ comment. The first few times people said this to me I had no idea how to respond, I’m not sure if they mean to be insulting but it certainly doesn’t sound like you mean that in a good way. And yes I understand sometimes hair colouring can go all sorts of wrong but if my hair is bright green and I have it done up with a bow and the whole shabbang, then I think its pretty obvious it was somewhat intended.
  5. This next one is one that people who literally know nothing about me besides my name and pretty basic stuff, and they say ‘Oh its just not really you like’. Excuse moi?! You literally do not know me at all, from adam, and never will if this is your attitude missy! 😛
  6. People who blatantly tell you they don’t like it, which is fine to be honest, the bit that annoys me is that one person in particular, everytime I met them begged me to change it. SERIOUSLY?!!
  7. These two are slightly annoying and patronizing at the same time. People who give you the dodgiest look and are like ‘but like you knoooow bleach is going to damage your hair right?, No shit Sherlock. I will be the first to admit that I am nowhere near an expert but I’m pretty sure ANYONE with any bit of a brain, who is putting such a harsh chemical on their hair is going to at least do some research on how to use it, the effects of it and everything else. Along with this one I get the ‘oh it will fall out one of the days’, I really hate this one. Purely because it stresses me out. Keep your negative vibes and bad omens to yourself Mister!!!
  8. Oh and the most recent one, which actually makes me SO HAPPY!! It’s the ‘did you do it for Halloween’ NO BUT IF THAT’S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ITS STAYING LIKE THIS FOREVER!!!!!! (Probably shouldn’t take that as a compliment but anyone else who’s favourite time of year is also All Hallows Eve will completely understand my excitement!)

Amongst all of these not so pleasant comments, I do have to say that not everyone has this kind of reaction. I really don’t mind if people don’t like it, that is just your opinion, but is there really a need to be purposely rude about things? On the other hand you do get lots of comments that are really lovely, and some may see this as a negative but some people seem so be petrified of coloured hair, which means that you can get away with a full bus journey with two seats ALL TO YOURSELF ( I KNOW, HOW EXCITING!!!) because the are terrified you are going to start barking at them or something. Its funny because I am probably the least scariest person you will meet, especially on a bus, buses and stations are cursed for meeting the most colourful of people!

Anyway, I hope someone got a giggle out of this! Its supposed to be taken light-heartedly, I won’t hold a grudge on someone just because they are being a bit of a willy.

Tell next time, Over & Out My pretties!!

Áine, x

Oh so sexual!

For the last few days I have been feeling très inspired to a post about sexual fluidity and labels used to define ones sexual preferences. Its a topic I have touched on many a time before and haven’t gotten around to writing about it, however after watching a video about sexual fluidity from Nibbles Official, it has re-awoken my urge to do this!

So, as someone who spent years trying to ‘figure out’ their sexual orientation and under what label do my preferences fall, I have come to a place where I 100 percent do not by any means think labelling your sexuality is a necessity in life. Of course theoretically there are labels, for example if you are a man who ‘only likes’ women, theoretically you are straight, the same as if you are a woman who ‘only likes’ women, theoretically you would be considered gay.

However I have come to the conclusion that we have absolutely no idea what is ahead of us in life, we don’t know who we are going to end up with, if anyone, or what we are going to be like ourselves in years to come. Yes of course we all have ideas and aspirations of what we would hope from ourselves but at the end of the day we have no idea what people we are going to end up just clicking with. Or who we are going to end up finding attractive.

By no means do I think that its necessarily bad to use labels or like them, but the pressure of what category/label you fall under when trying to ‘figure out’ your sexual orientation, for me at least, was almost one of the most stressful parts of it. So yes theoretically yes there will more than likely always be labels of some sort, but I think people should be aware that they do not have to limit themselves to a category or conform to another one of society’s boxes.

I hope I’m getting my point across, but I just wish that years ago when I was trying to figure out who I liked that someone could of just told me that there is no need to feel pressurised by labels. Especially if its for the comfort of someone else.

So now I just like to say, I am a human, who likes other humans! (Most of the time! 😛 )

Over and Out!

Áine, x

Of all that is somewhat random

Hello all!

Yes I am alive, I’ve been absent from blogging for the last few weeks, so I thought a little update and explanation wouldn’t go astray!

SO, I haven’t forgotten to blog or anything but I have just been so busy for the last few weeks! I have had many an interview for college, doing an online course (which will help me deliver better content all up on this biiitch yeooow!) and yada yada yada basically I will be posting more regularly once I have more of a routine in place once I get back to college and what not.

College I hear all 0 of you whisper? ‘Sound Production’ you say wearily, but Aine, did you not pretty much do the same thing before and dropout you silly nugget?’. Alas I shall put some A’s to your Q’s.

Yes I am going back to college to do sound production, in the fabulous county Cork baiii! As one of my friends once said to me ‘Jaysus Aine you will have studied in every fecking county in Ireland by the time you are done with it!’, and yeah she is probably very correct haha

Anyways, a lot of people give me that confused puppy dog face look when I tell them I am going back to college to do something so similar to what I did before. BUT, without going into detail, there was many things influencing my decision do dropout of Tralee, I was by no means in a good mindset for one and yes I did like the course but it was 4 years, which I know in hindsight will go so fast but for me, who has never committed to a single thing in my life it was a very daunting and anxiety ridden task, and life is just simply too short to be unhappy and feel like your not progressing.

So after taking a year out and changing my mind of what I wanted to do with my life after only 75 billion times I am happy with what I have chosen to do and where to go. The course I am about to begin is a one year course with the option of progression if you want, which suits me perfectly! I have to say I am so excited about it, regardless of what happens its a new adventure and I will finally be learning again about something that I love.

ALSO! Along with that course, over the course of the year I plan do to a few bits and pieces with my writing and journalism (aka more and better content up here!). So all around I’m hoping its a productive year!

I think that’s about it on the college front to be honest! Other than that my life has been pretty boring haha

Over the last 4 weeks my hair has been orange, blonde and currently its green, oh yeah and as you can imagine all of that dying has left my hair pretty dry until I came up with the perfect hair mask that is literally like heaven for your hair so expect a post up of that in the next few weeks! I’m not actually sure if I ever posted on here about getting my tonsils out, but yeah I finally got them out in July after a verrry long time of constant sore throats. As far as I know the surgery went ok but it was a little complicated as my tonsils were so big they were practically touching. So I was on Difene, Solpadeine, Nexium and Morphine for a good while afterwards, thankfully I had no bleeding or anything like that but my throat has been sore and weak since so now I’ve got to go back and get all of that checked out, which I am dreading in-case it is something serious, as anyone who likes to sing will know what I mean. Needless to say the spoons of honey to sooth it have been plentiful, not to my pleasure, I think honey is gross but it has to be done!

Ok, I think I’m just starting to ramble on now so I’m going to leave it here, till next time, ttyl babes!

Aine, xoxo

How To Tumblr: Creating a new page

Hey everyone!

So this post is a little bit different from my usual and is also my first tutorial (hopefully one of many!).

Anyways, what we are going to go through today is how to create a customised page on Tumblr, for things like keeping all of your own posts stored in one place. Its pretty simple but when I first started messing around with making pages and stuff I couldn’t find any up to date tutorial to make life a little easier for us mere interlinings!

Here we go!

So, I’m going to presume you have your own tumblr blog made and have the basics of the site down.

1. First thing we are going to do is go to our own blog

2. On said page, usually under the ‘follow’ button, you will find a small rectangle box which says ‘edit theme’, you want to click this box and it will take you straight to customizing your blog.

3. Now your going to have a ‘menu’ for lack of a better word, on the left hand side of your screen (from your viewpoint) and your blog viewed on the other side. In this menu, you are going to scroll down to where it says ‘Add a page’ right down at the bottom of this menu. Right click on this.

4. So once you have clicked on ‘Add page’, what you should see next is a box, with ‘Standard Layout’ written on it, which we are going to stick with for this tutorial. Next it has the option of ‘Show a link to this page’ Which your going to set as yes and then you will name that whatever you want, in the example I have shown in the picture below I just named it ‘My Page’.

Then you are going to see your Tumblr blog name written with /url at the end of it, here is the important bit, you are going to write at the end of that /tagged/mypage (or whatever else you want to tag it as).

Next you are going to write something in the body of this ‘box’, it doesn’t really matter what you write, it just can’t be left empty.

Step number 4 is pretty much all shown in this image:

Tutorial Tumblr

You just want to then save that and your ready to roll!!

The only thing you have to do after this is when you are posting new content and what it to go directly to this page, once you are just about to post your content go to the search bar and at the end of that your going to write the /tagged/MyPage (or whatever else you have named it!) and you are also going to put that down at the bottom of your post in with the tags.

I really hope this helped someone! I know it probably could be better but its my first tutorial so please bear with me and leave and feedback in the comments below!

There probably are many more methods to how to do this but this is just what I personally find easiest and something that actually works fine for me!

Till next time,


Áine, x

Le Random Question Tag!

Hi Hi Hi Hello fellow internet addicts!!

I’m in a super mood right now so I have decided to channel my inner writing enthusiast and to a TAG!! WOOP WOOP! No this is definitely not my first tags but they are super fun to do so here we go!

Le random question numero uno!

1. Name 3 things physically close to you right now.

My phone, Lemon water from Tesco ( which is the holy grail of flavoured water all for 40 cent #bargain!! ) and lots of pillows!

2. Do you colour your hair?

YES! I love colouring my hair, I want it a different colour literally every day! The only reason that isn’t  a reality is because its so damn expensive to do it!

3. Have you ever had an all-nighter?

Yes, way too much than I care to have! #NightOwlProbs

4. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

I can but either are manky tbh, I don’t really like fizzy drinks

5. Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?

Yeaaah! Who doesn’t?! You gotta at least do the happy dance!

6. What is your Song of the week?

I have a love hate relationship with music related questions because its so difficult to choose just one! I’ve been listening to a lot of Nicki Minaj this week and another song would be Quintino & Sandro Silva – Aftermath!! Its gives me the going out feels!!

7. Last person you kissed/kissed you?
Lawl, I’m going to be honest here and say the last thing I gave a kiss to was a pug called Coco and she is the CUTEST BABY EVER!! So can you blame me?! And she licked my face so I’m going to take that as she kissed me back.. #IShipIt

8. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?

I was in brownies for a while, it was alright except I wasn’t exactly in love with the other people in it or the people who ran it. #funtimes

9. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

Meh, I don’t know, depends on my mood, if I’m feeling like being naked or not. I don’t get the big deal with nude pics, We all pretty much have the same shit going on, its not like someone is going to have a fucking unicorn coming out of their left tit just because they are a celebrity! #GetOverItWorld #FreeTheNipple

10. Favourite kind of sandwich?

Nutella Baby!

11. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

Ok this is going to be a weird answer but yes because I like doing competitions even though I never win anything haha but I will only buy a certain few magazines because you know, I’m not going to conform to society and the media’s preconceptions and all that jazz. #EffYourBeautyStandards

12. Do you sing in the car?

I don’t sing in the car. I perform in the car.

13. Do you sing in the shower?

See answer 12 ^^^

14. Is Christmas stressful?

Anything is only stressful if you make it stressful. #YouDaBoss

15. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

Literally everything. Astronaut, physiotherapist, Prison Officer, Teacher, Psychotherapist, etc etc. Then when I was about 9/10 I had developed a passion for music from then on and knew that whether it be in a job or hobby I wanted music to be the soul focus of my life. And it still is. Also acting and writing were and still are too things that I love and would love to do more of.

16. What do you wear to bed?

A loose tshirt and knickers/boxers. At winter probably really warm pyjamas.

17. Nike or Adidas?

Neither. I try to not support companies that exploit their workers. I’m planning on doing a post on this sometime in the future.

18. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

Yes all the time, I rarely cry if I am sad but if I see someone else crying or if I am super happy for someone I will more than likely shed a tear or two.

19. Ever been in love?

Nope, I’m not one to get very soppy about a person. Dogs are a different story though.

20. What was the last concert you saw?

I can’t be sure but I think it was Paramore and Walking On Cars in Dublin. Well that was the last big concert anyway. I was desperate to go to Slipknot and Korn at the start of the year and then Foo’s at Slane but #poor.

21. Do you want to get married?

I don’t know. I have very mixed feelings about it. This is going to sound very strange and I’m still trying to understand it myself but I have no interest in marrying a man even if I did intend to be with him as long as I could be but I would consider marrying a woman much quicker than a man. I have no idea why! But at least we have the option now right! #MarriageEquality

22. Do you want kids?

Haven’t an iota.  Yay and Nay I spose. Definitely nor for  at least another 10 years if not more. And depends on my situation.

23. What is your favourite colour?

Black. But I like all colours.

24. Do you miss anyone right now?

Not really no. I wouldn’t mind meeting up with my friends like but that’s about it! I miss my old dogs though.

25. Do you have a crush?

Nope. I have only had one proper crush in all my 19 years. And I was 14 and he was icky as fuck. I didn’t in primary school because everyone was into sports and I was the artsy weirdo loner and hated everyone and after that one incident when I was 14 didn’t like anyone else in school. In college I liked being single too much and exploring le sexuality to be bothered properly liking anyone, same goes for now!

I hope this was an amusing read! I love doing these tags!

I tag Peter, CiaraNiamh and Darcy to do it next!

Till next time guys,


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